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X-Pole Xpert

This is the first in the world static, spinning and bottom loading pole. It also has X-Joints.

The Xpert pole from X-Pole is the first to have bottom loading which makes it quite convenient for use. It has been designed to fit the needs of professional pole dancers and can be used in order to perform sophisticated pole tricks. It has all the features that help it meet the demands of the best pole dancers in the whole world.

With its bottom loading system you need not use a ladder in order to install it. The Xpert X-Pole also uses an exclusive OEM adjuster system in order to fully lock the pole in position and expand it. Therefore, no locking nut can get undone when performing reverse moves and the dancer remains firmly on the ground.

The Xpert pole also has a special adjuster cover that can be put in place in order to create a perfectly smooth pole from its very top to its bottom. There is no cover edge that you can accidentally hit or any lumpy bearing protrusions. The pole is really smooth all the way down. The pole also has a Micro Articulating Base that ensures minimum contact.

There are three different surface finishes for this Xpert pole and they are: brass (BR), chrome (CR) and titanium gold (TG). There is also a special electronic coating that ensures the best possible grip. Xpert is really the ultimate pole for any professional pole dancer.

Key features:

  • - bottom loading that does not require the use of a ladder;
  • - new and revolutionary X-Joint system that makes the pole quick to install and easy to use;
  • - smoothness of the pole from bottom to top – no tube transitions or bearing protrusions you can hit;
  • - spinning and static options;
  • - Micro Articulating Base that makes it easier to set on a floor which is uneven;
  • - Double Width Dome for support that ensures maximum stability;
  • - 50 mm and 45 mm tube sizes available;
  • - extendable from 2235 mm to2745 mm;
  • - two carry cases.

X-Pole Xpert Chrome Dance Pole

The Xpert pole is the first bottom loading static and spinning pole to be produced in the world. Designed and produced for professional dancers the Xpert is ideal for dancers of all abilities as it is built to support the needs of the world’s best dancers.

The Xpert is simple to set up and requires no ladders for installation due to the bottom loaded design and the X-Pole exclusive OEM adjuster system which fully extends and locks the Xpert in place. Furthermore the Xpert includes a special cover adjuster which when in places makes the pole smooth from top to bottom, so there is no need to worry about joint edges or bearing protrusions. Additionally the Xpert features a micro articulating base which allows for minimum contact and for stability on uneven floors. The Xpert also features a double width support dome with provides even greater stability.

The Xpert can be adjuster to fit a range of room sizes from 7”4’ to 9” in height. The beautiful smooth chrome finish also allows for excellent grip and is the choice of the professionals.

X-Pole Xpert Titanium Gold Dance Pole

The world’s first bottom loading static and spinning pole is now available in high quality Titanium Gold finish. The Xpert has been designed specifically with the world’s best dancers needs in mind. The Xpert features the ability to be a static or spinning pole and is designed to support all moves and routines from beginner to expert.

The Xpert is easy to set up and requires no ladders due to its exclusive OEM adjuster system which allows the pole to be extended and locked into position. Furthermore the Xpert is smooth from top to bottom thanks to the special X-joint system and cover adjuster, so there is no need to worry about any protruding joints or extension pieces.  The micro articulating base featured in the Xpert allows for minimum contact while also having the ability to maintain stability when fitted on uneven surfaces. Furthermore the Xpert features a double width support dome which provides even greater stability.

The Xpert now features a beautiful Titanium Gold electrical finish which provides extra grip and style to the pole. The Xpert is available in 45mm and 50mm widths and can be extended from 7”4’ to 9” in height.

X-Pole Xpert Brass Dance Pole

X-pole’s most advanced pole now comes in Brass, the highest quality finish available for grip on the dance pole market. The Xpert Brass pole features the high quality design and quality of the Xpert pole with the superior grip provided by the Brass finish. If you are serious about pole dancing then this is the pole for you. The Xpert has been specifically designed with the world’s best dancers needs in mind. The pole can be switched from static to spinning and is bottom loading to support all moves and tricks ranging from beginner to expert. 

The Xpert is easy to set up and requires no ladders thanks to the OEM adjustment system. Furthermore the X-joint and system and the smooth cover adjuster mean that the pole is smooth from top to bottom, regardless of how many joints and extensions are needed.

The Brass Xpert is available in widths of 45mm and can be extended from 7”4’ to 9” in height.

X-Pole Xpert Silicone

Silicone poles, also known as Chinese poles, are for advanced tricks which are an intense pole dancing workout. Silicone texture that provides maximum for pole holds with clothing on! Actually clothing is recommended on the silicone coated poles, just like in Chinese Pole. But don’t worry, you can still spin with the XPert, just change over to spin mode for full spinning.

X-Pole Xpert Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is best if you have sensitive skin or other metal allergies. Also, it is best in humid climates.You see almost all dance poles are made of steel with can rust in the humidity. You will get the most life and longevity out of your dance pole if you get a one made of stainless steel.