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Thanks to its unique X-JOINT assembly system, it is super-easy to put up – from box to bedroom in five minutes flat – and won’t leave any marks on the carpet or paintwork.
The X-Pole SPORT comes with its own carrying bag, so you can take your X-Pole X-SPORT everywhere you go to keep fit and stay spinning.

The X-SPORT comes in two finishes – chrome and titanium gold, for the best grip possible – and is unique in that it’s totally smooth so there are no joints to interrupt your pole experience.

It comes in 40mm, 45mm and 50mm tube sizes and will easily extend from floor to ceiling of any room in your home as it reaches from 7’4 to 9 foot.

The X-SPORT comes with a full, easy to understand instruction booklet and, if you buy from Pole Sport, our exclusive FREE delivery promise. So order today and be spinning tomorrow.


Chrome X-Pole Sport or Gold?

The choice of surface finish is to a large extent a matter of personal preference - which colour do you think looks nicer? There is also a practical consideration, the titanium gold finish has a slightly grippier surface than the chrome, although when you are wearing gloves the difference will be negligible. Due to the cost of the elecroplating process the gold surface finsh is slightly more expensive.

Which Pole Diameter?

The selection of diameters that is offered by X-Pole gives all dancers of all abilities the chance to perform at the highest level, regardless of the size of their hands. If you are unsure which diameter is best for you it might be useful to know that all competitions are held using a 50mm diameter pole and this is also the diameter that most gyms chose for their studios. All the diameters are the same price, so simply select you preference on the product page.

X-Pole Sport


This is a static only, bottom loading pole from X-Pole. It features the newest X-Joint technology. The team of specialists working for X-Pole has spent a large amount of time designing and researching in order to make the best sport pole possible for the needs of professionals. The pole has been developed with the needs of beginner pole dancers in mind, but it can also serve the purposes of professionals perfectly well. This is what makes it really versatile and highly useful for pole dancing. The sport pole is really sturdy, but it is also easy to use and install.

The new sport pole from X-Pole incorporates the new and revolutionary X-Joint system. This is why the installation and assembly of the new sport pole is really quick. It is enhanced further by the tightening adjuster located on the bottom. This is why you do not need to use a ladder for the installation of the pole.

The features and the technology used for the making of the new sport pole from X-Pole are a lot more advanced than these used for many a lot more expensive poles. This is why this sport pole is perfect for any beginner in pole dancing. The best feature of the pole is that it is really inexpensive for what it has to offer. You even get the carry case without having to pay additionally!

The sport pole comes in two different surface finishes – titanium gold (TG) and chrome (CR). These additional electronic coatings help for better grip.

Key features:

  • - bottom loading that does not require the use of a ladder;
  • - X-Joints that are quick to install and easy to use;
  • - smoothness of the whole pole with no tube transitions;
  • - upper plate which is small and can be used for installation under a single joist;
  • - 50 mm and 45 mm tubes;
  • - static only;
  • - extends from 2235 to 2745 mm;
  • - comes with a case for carrying;
  • - manual with instructions.