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X-Pole is the top brand of both amateur and professional pole dancing pole – the industry leader when it comes to innovation, design and up-to-the-minute technology. And you can buy all your X-Pole products here, with Pole Sport, and our exclusive FREE delivery offer. PoleSport.co.uk has an unbeatable business relationship with X-Pole and offers all its products at the most competitive prices.
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If you are a fan of pole dancing as a form of exercise then you can easily get fit while enjoying the fun a pole workout can be or even develop your own moves with the help of your friends using X-Pole’s latest dance equipment and range of exercises for the pole.
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X-Pole are world leaders when it comes to supplying dance poles and they have led the innovation in the equipment for pole dancing for the previous six years. X-Pole have supplied the best pole dancers in the world and the pole dancing schools all around the globe with the best pole experience you can find on the market nowadays. It does not matter whether you are a professional, a beginner or an intermediate – X-Pole surely has exactly what you need for your purposes.

You will find some of the most advanced engineering available in the world of pole dancing in the whole range of X-Pole products which have been developed over the past few years. The development has included advice from fitness professionals and professional dancers in order for the equipment to meet the needs of professional pole dance and exercise.

x pole range


So you’ve chosen your brand of pole – X-Pole, the best in the business. But which X-Pole product should you choose?


X-Pole Sport

Well, the X-SPORT is the best sports and fitness pole on the market, used by beginners but loved by professionals too. It includes all of the key features that make X-Pole the ultimate poledance companion. If you only require a static dance pole, then the X-Pole Sport will give you years of service. Available in chrome or gold and in a range of pole diameters. Easy to carry, very portable, quick to assemble, completely smooth pole that you’ll fall in love with. The floor level assembly means that no ladder is required to quickly erect the pole – the non-marking, non-slip base and ceiling plates give security whilst leaving no trace.

X-Pole Xpert

The X-Pole market leader is the X-Pole XPERT and this pole really is the professional’s choice. It is totally unique in the pole dancing world in that it spins and stands, meaning you’re practically getting two poles for the price of one. The switch between static modes is simple and fast and can be carried out at floor level. So if you get the X-Pole Xpert you will own a pole that gives you flexibility and will allow you to grow, develop and extend your repertoire of pole dancing moves. The Xpert has all of the features of the XSport plus the spinning function.


The X-Stage which stands freely is for professional pole dancers and strippers that require a portable pole dancing pole in situations where either the ceiling is too high or there is no stage. The X-Pole Stage and X-Stage Lite both offer a full length dance pole incorporating a circular podium. Both X-Stage models feature the X-Joints for a smooth pole and offer un-rivalled stability for a portable podium with adjustable legs and balance-arms. Plus they can fit into a normal car and be carried and assembled by a single person.

X-Pole Extensions

For the vast majority of our customers there is no need for X-Pole Extensions. Both the XSport and the Xpert already include the two main poles and a range of extension poles that allow dancers to erect the portable poles in any room with a ceiling height of up to 2.70 metres – so all standard height rooms are catered for, straight out of the box. If your ceiling height is over this height then consult the extension chart to see which extensions you require.

x-pole features


Bottom Loading

All new X-Poles can be fully assembled from floor level without the need of a ladder. This means that the dancer can erect her own pole in a few minutes and remove it just as quickly when she is finished. With this facility the X-Pole can be used just about anywhere, in any room at home – so no need for a pole dancing studio just use your living room, spare room or bedroom….
bottom loading x-pole

Base Height Adjuster

The combination of no-ladder assembly and X-Joints mean that an X-Pole can be assembled and adjusted from floor level. The height adjuster will neither over-tighten nor work itself loose as you dance – unlike with cheaper stripper poles. The height adjuster uses friction and pressure to hold the X-Pole securely in place without need for permanent fixings.
x-pole easy adjustments


The X-Joint is the key to what makes the X-Pole such a high quality dance pole. They hold the pole section firmly together but will not stick or over tighten. The resulting pole is strong and rigid but also completely smooth along its full length for a pleasurable, snag-free dancing experience. This system is patented so no other portable pole system can possibly compete with the quality of the X-Pole range.
x-pole x-joints

Articulating Base

No floor is completely level and no two floor or ceiling surface coverings are exactly the same. The micro-articulated base will compensate for minor unevenness in floors so that the dance pole will still be secure and vertical.
uneven floor X-pole

Portable Pole Dancing Pole

The X-Sport, Xpert and X-Stage all come with carrying, cases making them easy to transport along with everything needed to erect them. The portable poles weigh approx. 20kg so can easily be moved in the holdall provided. The X-Stages have multiple packages and despite being complete podiums can still be moved by one person. The X-Pole range is a portable pole dancing system in the true sense.
Portable X-Pole

Full Instructions Included

Every product includes a complete step-by-step set of instructions. The assembly method is laid out in clear, precise language with easy to follow diagrams. X-Pole have also produced a series of videos to explain assembly. It is no exaggeration that the Xsport and Xpert can be assembled in minutes. Please take the time to fully read the instruction manual before assembling your pole for the first time.
x-pole easy assembly

Non-Marking Plates

Silicon pads attached to the pole’s plates ensure not just a non-slip surface but also a non-marking one. Regardless of the floor/ceiling surface covering the pole will firmly grip once assembled and once removed, the X-Pole will leave no trace of its presence. The only things to consider are 1. Make sure that any floor covering is fixed (not a rug), 2. The ceiling plate must be directly beneath a joist.
non-marking x-pole

X-Pole Extensions Available

For ceilings of heights above 270cm then an X-Pole extension will be required. The poles already include 3x X-Joints, 2x main poles plus a 125mm and 250mm extension. A combination of these pole sections allows the X-Pole Sport or Xpert pole to accommodate a range of heights – 2235mm up to 2745mm - above or below this range then other lengths of poles will be required. This does not affect the vast majority of our customers with standard sized domestic ceilings. The extensions are available in widths and surface finishes for all of the X-Pole models.
extensions x-pole

Selection of Surface Finishes

The range of surface finishes gives dancers to choose either a colour that they like or slect upon the basis of which surface provides the most grip. The Xpert is available in Brass, Titanium Gold or Chrome – with brass providing the most traction. The XSport is available in Chrome or Titanium Gold. The selection of surface finish is entirely the personal choice of the dancer. All surface finishes are hard-wearing, electroplated alloys.
colour choice x-pole

Choice of Diameters

The most common diameter is 50mm (2 inches) and this is the international standard for pole dancing competitions – but unlike other brands, X-Pole also offers narrower diameter selections for dancers with smaller hands. The choice of pole diameter is entirely up to the dancer but beginners should note that as they improve they are likely to prefer the 50mm size. Select the diameter of pole on the individual product pages.
diameter x pole

Easy to Assemble

Assembling an X-Pole really is every bit as simple as it could be. It might take 10 minutes the first time, but after that erecting your pole will be a breeze. Also because no permanent screws or fixings are required taking it down when you are finished is just as simple. The only tools you need are pocket sized and come with your X-Pole.
easy assembly x-pole

Do You Need X-Pole Extensions?

For the vast majority of customers than no extension poles are required - however, please take the time to meause the clearance height of the room you intend to use it in and if it is above 2745mm then you will need to purchase an extension. If you order an extension pole at the same time as your X-Pole then there will be no delivery charge.


X-Pole Sport

  • Static Dance Pole
  • 45mm or 50mm diameter
  • Chrome or Titanium Gold
  • No Ladder Needed for erection
  • Fully portable
  • Totally smooth pole (no raised joints)
  • Easy to set up on any floor surface
  • No protruding screws
  • X-Joint technology

X-Pole Xpert

  •  Spinning or Static Pole
  • 45mm or 50mm diameter
  • Chrome or Titanium Gold
  • Bottom Loading, No ladder needed for assembly
  • Fully Portable
  • Completely Smooth (no raised joints)
  • Micro Adjusting base
  • Wide ceiling dome for security
  • Easy to set up - even on uneven floors