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Strictly Pole Dancing Poles - X-Pole to Stripper poles UK!

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X-Pole Xpert (Brass)
PRICE: £299.99VIEW

X-Pole Xpert (Brass)

X-Pole Stage
PRICE: £559.99VIEW

X-Pole Stage

X-Stage Lite
PRICE: £559.99VIEW

X-Stage Lite

X-Pole Xpert (Brass)
PRICE: £299.99VIEW

X-Pole Xpert (Brass)

X-Pole Stage
PRICE: £559.99VIEW

X-Pole Stage

X-Stage Lite
PRICE: £559.99VIEW

X-Stage Lite

Strictly Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing Poles

Strictly Pole Dancing - or rather pole dancing strictly, because it is all about discipline!


Pole dancing poles - you'll be needing something to help you twirl and swirl... so why not start with a portable X-Pole?

Pole Dancing

You start at the beginners class - but where will you end up - the right pole dancing class is surely waiting for you somewhere!

Strictly Pole Dancing – for when you really want to go the hole way. We are taking pole dancing all the way to the limit. Pushing the boundaries of the athletic pursuits.

This does not mean that we have forgotten all of the stripper associations of pole dance – Strictly Pole Dancing is determined to make sure that this does not get left behind as part of the rush to make it all into a sport. Pole dancing is all about achieving the balance between the erotic and the athletic!


Polesport.co.uk stocks all the leading brands of pole dancing poles, all with our one-year guarantee, our next day delivery promise and FREE delivery on all X-Pole dancing poles.
Which pole you should buy all depends on what you want from your pole dancing pole.


X-Pole Dancing Poles

If you’re after the professionals’ pole of choice, the X-Pole X-PERT, with its unique spin and stand function, is poles apart from the rest. Find out more about the X-Pole XPert here.
The X-Pole X-SPORT is perfect for the beginner who wants to use a pole dancing pole to strengthen core body function and coordination. However the X-SPORT is such a good, sturdy pole that, as some dancers progress to professional status, it remains their favourite. Find out more about the X-Pole Sport here.


Peekaboo Pole Dancing Poles

Polesport.co.uk also stocks Peekaboo poles – and this range is all about fun. These are the party pieces of the pole world and are perfect for a girls’ night in or choreographing a sexy strip for your fella to spice up your bedroom antics. Pussycat Doll Carmen Electra has even designed a range of poles for Peekaboo, so these pole dancing poles really do have celebrity status! See the full range of Peekaboo Poles here.


Stripper Poles

Then there’s the GHI range of poles. If you want more inexpensive poles to practice on in your home, then GHI are cheap and cheerful, coming with instruction DVDs for beginners which will teach you to pole dance in just a month. So there’s still time to turn yourself into a real Christmas cracker and give your bloke the present of his own personal pole dance from the woman he loves. Find out about GHI tripper poles here
So what’s pole dancing all about? Well, it’s a combination of dance and gymnastics, requiring physical strength and endurance. Some women dance professionally and perform sexy moves – others pole dance to keep fit and toned. And many girls dance for both of those reasons – to be sexy and strong. Pole dancing is now an internationally recognised sport with a world championships held every year. And it’s not just for the girls – since 2010 men have competed in the world championships as well. Pole dancing poles are now installed in most gyms around the world.
Don’t take our word for it though – look at all the celebrities who are joining in the pole-dancing craze. Carmen Electra; Kate Moss; Teri Hatcher and Miley Cyrus are all pole cats with Teri crediting it with not just improving her physical well-being but her emotional health too, giving her bags of confidence and a sense of empowerment from her pole dancing pole.
Here at Pole Sport we can help with all your pole dancing needs. So now for the rundown on each of the poles we stock – all with our next day delivery promise, one-year guarantee and FREE delivery on all X-Pole products.
X-Pole products featured the most advanced engineering in the pole dancing world. Pole Sport stocks X-Pole’s two market leaders: the X-Pole X-PERT and the X-Pole X-SPORT.


X-Pole Sport Dancing Pole

The X-Pole X-SPORT is good for beginners but loved my professionals and experts too. It has the unique X-JOINT assembly system, meaning it is so easy to put up – from box to bedroom in five minutes. The X-SPORT won’t leave any marks in your home, should you choose to move it from front room to bedroom, and, if you want to take it to the gym, dance studio or even on holiday, it comes with its own compact carrying case.
What makes the X-SPORT pole dancing pole so popular is that it’s totally smooth – there are no joints or locks to interrupt your pole experience. It is available in two finishes – chrome and, for the best grip possible, titanium gold. Size-wise, the X-POLE X-Sport comes in 40mm, 45mm and 50mm tubes and extends to nine foot, meaning it will easily fit from floor to ceiling in any room in your house. Should you require an even taller pole, Pole Sport stocks the full range of X-Pole extensions here.
The X-SPORT arrives with a full, easy to understand instruction booklet. And you can order today and start spinning tomorrow, thanks to Pole Sport’s unique FREE one day delivery promise.

See the complete XSport range here


X-Pole Xpert Dancing Pole

The other market leader in the X-Pole range of pole dancing poles is the X-PERT – it really does set the gold standard among poles. What makes the X-PERT unique is that it stands and it spins – you’re buying two poles for the price of one with the X-PERT!
The X-Pole X-PERT has a unique bottom loading system, meaning it doesn’t require a ladder for construction and, like the X-SPORT, can be removed from the packaging and take centre stage in your home or gym in five minutes flat.
Incredibly for such a multi-functional pole, the X-PERT can fit into an easy to carry bag, making it one of the most portable pole dancing poles.
Included with the X-PERT is an easy to understand instruction manual and an hour-long DVD introducing you to the wonderful world of pole dancing with X-Pole.
The X-PERT is available in a choice of three finishes – chrome, brass and, for the best grip of all, titanium gold. It is available in 40millimetres, 45millimetres and 50millimetre diameters. Length-wise it extends to nine foot tall but, should you require an even longer pole, Pole Sport offers a full range of X-Pole extensions and accessories.
So order your X-Pole X-PERT today with pole dancing and start spinning tomorrow, thanks to our unique 24-hour FREE delivery guarantee.
See the complete Xpert range here

Cheap Pole Dancing Poles (stripper poles)

Now to the Peekaboo range: Pole Sport stocks six Peekaboo poles, ranging in price from the Party Pole at £52.99 to the Electra Spinning Pole at £129.99 – perfect for any Pussycat Dolls in training. All Peekaboo poles come with a one year guarantee, instruction manuals and 24-hour delivery.
And, finally, the GHI range, of which Pole Sport stocks the two most popular products at amazing prices, the Pole Fit at £69.99 and My Sexy Little Pole at £79.95. These poles are perfect for beginners as they’re easy on the purse springs and an economical way to start your world spinning.
So get fit, get flirty and order from Pole Sport today to discover why we’re poles apart with our next day delivery promise on all products, one-year guarantees on all products and, on the X-Pole range, FREE delivery.