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FREE Top Grip POLE DANCING GLOVES - included with every X-Pole!
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Pole Sport UK - huge range of pole dancing poles and offer free UK delivery on all X-Poles, and discount sale prices.

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Pole Sport UK
is one of the leading suppliers of poles across the world. Why? Because we sell our poles at unbeatable prices; offer FREE delivery on every X-Pole dance pole purchased and have the best relationship with our suppliers and our customers. With Pole Sport, you can be confident you’re buying the right pole for you at the right price. And, for UK deliveries, if you place your order before 4.00pm, your pole will be with you the next working day – ready to start your world spinning. Soon to be stocking a full range of Pole Dancing Shorts UK look good while spin!
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Pole Sport™ is affiliated with the biggest online pole dancing shops - this is why we can sell poles at unbeatable prices and offer FREE DELIVERY on all X-Pole® dancing poles. Order before 4.00pm to get your pole delivered to you the next working day!

Pole Sport also offers the most comprehensive range of poles on-line. The X-Pole SPORT and the X-Pole XPERT are the industry leaders when it comes to using your pole for fitness and display and have led the market in terms of design and innovation for the past decade. We also stock a large selection of cheaper pole dancing poles that are intended more for fun and stripping than for serious gymnastic dancing – they also make great introductory dance poles and could be an ideal gift for someone special….

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X-POLE range

X-Pole is the industry leader in portable pole dancing equipment. Here at polesport.co.uk we are proud to be able to offer the X-SPORT, XPERT and X-STAGE. With the full range available there is a pole to suit every dancer. Select the pole size and surface finish to suit your needs and desires. Read the information here to help you chose which the right pole is for you.
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The X-Pole SPORT has been designed to give beginners the confidence in their pole they need to start dancing straight away and comes with an easy to understand instruction manual. This model is available with a selection of diameters and surface finished. It includes all of the key features that make X-Pole the world leader. If you are looking for a static (non-spinning) dance pole then look no further.
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The X-Pole XPERT is, as the name suggests, the professional’s pole of choice. It’s the world’s first bottom-loading pole which means it can be assembled an erected from floor level without the need for any steps or ladder. Plus it was the first pole on the market that can be set to stand and spin. As well as an instruction manual, the X-PERT includes an hour long DVD to introduce you to the wonderful world of pole dancing.
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The X-Stage and X-Stage lite are portable pole dancing podiums for professional pole dancers. The pack away easily enough to be carried by one person, yet are strong enough to support two dancers. Features include the smooth X-Joints and circular stage. We stock then in a range of surface finishes and diameters. The X-Pole stage is a premium, professional product.


As well as stocking professional dancing poles, we also stock a huge range of pole dancing poles suitable for beginners or simply for private strippers and bedroom fun. These stripper poles are lighter and cheaper, but still allow the user to perform simple pole dancing moves. We even have a pole that is cheap enough to buy for a single dirty weekend away.
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Pole Sport also carries a full range of accessories and extensions for your X-Pole pole – also with our exclusive FREE delivery promise.

Alongside X-Pole poles, Pole Sport stocks a full range of both GHI and Peekaboo poles and products – perfect if you and your friends want to practise some moves on a girls’ night in or if you want to install a pole in the bedroom and spice up your sex life.

All X-Pole, GHI and Peekaboo poles are so easy to put up – it’s just a five minute process to remove your pole from its packaging and have it up, in your home, ready to go.

What’s more, all the poles in Pole Sport’s X-Pole, GHI and Peekaboo ranges are totally portable, meaning you can take your pole on holiday, round to your friend’s for the evening, to the gym or for a naughty night at your boyfriend’s flat.

Pole dancing isn’t just good fun, though – it has real fitness benefits too and you can spin your way to a whole new body, especially with the X-Pole X-SPORT, which is renowned for its health benefits.

Pole dancing increases core strength, coordination and tones the body. Routines are broken down into a number of simple moves such as the ‘fireman’ in which you curl your ankles around the pole and slide down, firefighter style. Easy!
The health benefits of pole dancing aren’t just physical– they’re psychological as well.

Actress Teri Hatcher, who learnt pole dancing for a scene in Desperate Housewives, says: ‘When I started doing pole dancing, it brought out my inner confidence.’

And Teri isn’t the only celebrity pole dancing fan – Kate Moss pole danced, in a White Stripes video, and Pussycat Doll Carmen Electra is such a devotee she has even produced her own range of poles for GHI, stocked, of course, by Pole Sport.

It doesn’t matter what your shape or size – everyone can pole dance with just a little practice. It’s not just women getting in on the act, either – men are setting up poles as well and, for the first time, The World Pole Dancing Championships in Tokyo in 2010, featured male competitors.

Ted Thornhill, of the Huffington Post, attended the 2012 World Championships and said: ‘The grace and power shown by those taking part is quite breathtaking - they make it look more like gymnastics.’ read more of the article "Is pole dancing a sport" - here

So, whether you’re new to pole dancing, have been doing classes at the gym and have decided you want your own pole or you were actually at the World Championships, Pole Sport has the right pole at the right price for you, with FREE delivery on all X-Pole purchases. If you need more details and specs then why not visit the manufactureres website X-Pole but be sure to come back to PoleSport to get the best deal!

Other resources that you might find useful are: PoleSports the pole dancing federation, Pole2Pole MagazinePDbloggers and World Pole Dance for news of pole dancing competitions.

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